Rucika Kelen Green and Rucika Kelox launching new water pipe products from Rucika and Into Kelit Innovations

Rucika Kelen Green and Rucika Kelox launching new water pipe products from Rucika and Into Kelit Innovations

Property development that requires the most complete piping system makes Rucika continue to innovate by collaborating with Ke Kelit to continue to carry out its commitment to provide Total Piping System Solutions in Indonesia through the latest products of Rucika Kelen Green and Rucika Kelox

Rucika Kelen Green & Rucika Kelox
Rucika Kelen Green & Rucika Kelox

Jakarta, July 11, 2019 – Rucika launched its latest product under the brand name Rucika Kelen Green and Rucika Kelox with the innovation from Ke Kelit, a well-known piping producer from Austria. The inauguration event held at the DoubleTree Cikini Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta is one of Rucika’s commitments in realizing the most complete total piping system solution in Indonesia. The collaboration between Rucika and Ke Kelit since the announcement of the new power of PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika at the beginning of 2018 ago, produced innovative, inspiring products with the latest technology.

Rucika Kelen Green dan Rucika Kelox is a series of piping systems specifically for hot and cold water pressurized with material and has different advantages. Both of these products are manufactured to meet the needs of piping installations in various high-rise buildings or housing by its users both contractors, developers, consultants, and business partners.

With material Polypropylene Random or commonly called PP-R which can store temperatures longer than other types of pipes, this green colored Rucika Kelen Green is available starting from the outer diameter of 16mm to 160mm by the connection process using a poly fusion or electrofusion heating device, so that the result of joining is a compound, guaranteed strength, leak-proof, maintenance-free and can be used up to 50 years. Whereas Rucika Kelox is a white multilayer pipe, a combination of superior plastic materials made from Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) and metal (aluminum) which is flexible or easily bent, non-rust and is certified green products from Singapore have sizes ranging from 16 mm up to 25 mm/p>

Property growth in Indonesia has considerable potential. Seeing the development of infrastructure that has increasingly been encouraged by the government in recent years, has had a positive impact on the property sector. The development of transportation such as toll roads, MRT, and LRT which facilitates community activities from one place to another with faster travel times, of course,  can lead to community needs not only for housing or entertainment but also for daily activities for work. Developers can also take this opportunity to meet the needs of productive and creative people who are interested in innovation and can provide inspiration.

With the increase in various needs, property development also requires an increasingly diverse pipeline system to meet the demands of function, comfort, and daily living needs by building users, housing, malls, offices, and so on. Innovation must be done by RUCIKA together with KE KELIT.

The selection of KE KELIT as an international partner is not only competent and trustworthy but also the best and specialist in their field. Some of the similarities that form the basis of this collaboration are some of which have a long experience in the plumbing industry, thirst for innovation that focuses on quality, easy installation for installers, designers, developers, and project owners as well as to meet the needs of business partners in providing variants more complete product.

As a company with a well-established piping brand in Indonesia, Austria and in various markets, this collaboration aims to create products with the latest technology and broader market territories both nationally and globally by providing the best quality and innovation in the most complete pipeline series to always be the main brand and “top of mind” in the eyes of the public, especially in Indonesia.





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