Rucika Supports the “Safe Water Garden” Integrated Solution Program for Sanitation and Clean Water Facilities

Rucika Dukung Program Solusi Terpadu Fasilitas Sanitasi dan Air Bersih “Safe Water Garden”

In collaboration with Loola Adventure Resort in implementing an integrated sanitation solution project, Rucika takes part in the management of a sanitation system that can change the environment for residents in the Riau Islands to be healthier and more productive by building a sanitation system of 30 units in 30 settlements of Bumi Indah, Bintan

Bintan, April 14, 2021, Rucika supports an integrated sanitation system project together with Loola Adventure Resort through its Safe Water Garden (SWG) program. This program was implemented from March 20 to April 13 at which time it coincided with World Water Day on March 22, 2021, making PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika was moved to participate in a program that aims to build a sanitation system that is environmentally friendly and not harmful to health. The SWG system, one of the main components of which is the piping system, has motivated Rucika as a producer of the most complete piping system in Indonesia to contribute to the success of this wastewater management program by preparing 30 portable sanitation systems installed in 30 houses in the Bumi Indah settlement, Bintan Island. Riau islands.

Sent directly from Jakarta, 30 sanitation systems, each consisting of Rucika Standard pipes and Rucika pipe fitting were immediately greeted with enthusiasm by local residents. The inauguration and review of this project were also attended by the Regional Secretary of the Riau Islands Province (Sekdaprov Kepri), H. TS. Arif Fadilah, Head of Environment and Forestry, Kadis Perkim, Head of Development Bureau, and various parties who collaborated last Sunday, March 21.

Sekretaris Daerah Provinsi Kepulauan Riau (Sekdaprov Kepri), H. TS. Arif Fadilah mengunjungi proyek pembangunan sanitasi dan air bersih
Regional Secretary of the Riau Islands Province (Sekdaprov Kepri), H. TS. Arif Fadilah visited the sanitation and clean water development project

The SWG waste treatment system, which was developed from the original UNICEF concept, provides many benefits, not only in a better and healthier sanitation system but also in increasing the productivity of the local community. It is said to be an integrated solution, Safe Water Garden is a program adapted from UNICEF by treating waste from the toilet or bathwater that comes out through a pipe into the water tank, then decomposes naturally in the airtight plastic water tank without any chemicals. By adjusting the height of the pipe that comes out of the tank, the water that comes out through the holed pipe 8 – 10 mm long, can be channeled into the infiltration garden. So that the people’s home page can be used for farming and can be a source of food or income for the local community.

Sistem Safe Water Garden
“Safe Water Garden” System

In accordance with Rucika’s commitment, namely as a Total Solution for Piping Systems in Indonesia, paying attention to the water channel system is not only clean water but also wastewater. A good wastewater system will certainly have an effect on a clean, safe and healthy environment.

“As we all know, in Indonesia a good sanitation system is one of the biggest challenges in development to create a better life. This program is also a form of our responsibility to participate in providing solutions to global issues such as the lack of an adequate sanitation system in certain areas, especially in Indonesia. In accordance with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) program from the United Nations which is closely related to the plumbing system, one of which is about Clean Water & Sanitation, clean water channels, and also channels for sanitation.

We are very grateful to be able to support this program, especially since Rucika can distribute two types of quality products, namely Rucika Standard and Rucika Fitting which can be applied to the SWG system which is useful for improving the quality of life of the local community. We hope that this activity does not stop here, but can become a continuous activity in other locations in Indonesia,” said Sandhy Kurniawan as CCSD & Marketing Division Head of PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika.

Local families are also very happy with this program and hope that the same thing with Rucika, namely “Hopefully this program will continue to be sustainable and develop, useful for the wider community, not only in the Bumi Indah residential area,” said several Bumi Indah residents whose houses have been built. installed this SWG system.





rucika adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam menproduksi dan mengembangkan sistem pengaliran di indonesia dengan mode perpipaan. Untuk harga pipa air dari rucika sangat terjangkau keseluruh masyarakat indonesia.

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