The Latest Size of HDPE Rucika Black Pipe

The Latest Size of HDPE Rucika Black Pipe

Rucika always presents various sizes on each of its products to meet the needs of clean water infrastructure both in government and private projects. This time, Rucika presents the latest measurements on HDPE pipe types Rucika Black with a diameter of 710 mm in PN 10 variants that were previously only up to 630 mm in diameter.

HDPE Rucika Black 710 mm in diameter
HDPE Rucika Black
diameter 710 mm

Rucika Black is used for pressurized water distribution pipes, having special characteristics. This HDPE pipe can be used in varied conditions such as underwater pipelines, drainage pipelines and drinking water can also be installed in difficult areas, such as uneven contoured areas, earthquake-prone because of the elastic material and has crack resistance < / em> tall one.

The drinking water supply infrastructure in Indonesia certainly requires the best material that can deliver more and faster water. At the end of 2018, it was noted that only 72% of the people who could enjoy clean water. Supposedly, the distribution of clean water needs to be improved so that it can meet the needs of life in all corners of the archipelago. With the presence of the 710 mm diameter HDPE pipe, it is expected to help smooth water distribution in the government infrastructure sector. In the near future, various other sizes of Rucika Black pipes will be available on the market to meet your needs. This is the Total Solution for Piping Systems in Indonesia.

HDPE Rucika Black
HDPE Rucika Black





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