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Rucika Jacking Pipe The Latest Generation of PVC Pipes for Sewage (sewerage system)

April 17, 2020
Rucika Jacking System

In the field of public works, there is a type of water pipe that is often talked about and most sought after now because it has never existed before in Indonesia. However, this type of pipe has actually become a mandatory duct system in developed countries such as integrated exhaust systems such as in Japan […]

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Why the Rucika Rainwater System?

April 13, 2020
Why the Rucika Rainwater System

Maybe most of the population Indonesia’s capital will not like this. Yes, the amount of water is too much a lot or flood. The year 2020 begins with a surprise which is less pleasant for some Jakartans because of the abundance of water rain which cannot be accommodated by sewers, culverts, rivers or places other […]

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Difference Between Standard PVC Pipes and JIS PVC Pipes

February 27, 2020
Rucika Standard Rucika JIS

Rucika as a pipe producer has produced a lot of pipes based on their uses and has been distributed to many areas that are commonly applied by the community for homes, namely Rucika Standard Pipes and Rucika JIS Pipes. Many people in general also ask the difference between the two types of pipes. In addition […]

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