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Together with High-rise Buildings Maintain Ground Level

Bersama Bangunan Gedung Bertingkat Menjaga Level Permukaan Tanah

Several online media convey the news that there are still many high-rise buildings that meet their clean/drinking water needs from groundwater. Of course, we already know that overexploitation of groundwater will have a negative impact on the ground level. The lower the groundwater content, the lower the soil surface level. Floods that occur in big […]

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Starterpack Piping System For Minimalist House

Starterpack Sistem Perpipaan Untuk Rumah Minimalis

During the pandemic, we often find the latest inspiration for minimalist homes, both newly built or under renovation. Along with the times, the form of house design is now increasingly varied. Starting from the design of a house full of partitions and various kinds of partitions to limit one space to another. Now the design […]

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Recognizing Failures That Can Occur In The Wastewater System

Mengenal Kegagalan Yang Bisa Terjadi  Pada Sistem Air Buangan

As we know, one of the most important parts in a building is the installation of waste water pipes. Therefore, certain conditions are needed to design a waste water pipes installation. Some of the requirements for the installation of waste water pipes, namely that flowing water must be with air and in the installation of […]

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