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Building Stores Can Keep Operating

Toko Tetap Beroperasi

Good news for those of you who have a building shop business! During the PPKM period, critical sectors such as Cement and Building Materials, can operate 100%. This is stated in the rules stipulated in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) 2021 which you can download in the file below. Of course, […]


Rucika Supports the “Safe Water Garden” Integrated Solution Program for Sanitation and Clean Water Facilities

Rucika Dukung Program Solusi Terpadu Fasilitas Sanitasi dan Air Bersih “Safe Water Garden”

In collaboration with Loola Adventure Resort in implementing an integrated sanitation solution project, Rucika takes part in the management of a sanitation system that can change the environment for residents in the Riau Islands to be healthier and more productive by building a sanitation system of 30 units in 30 settlements of Bumi Indah, Bintan […]


Rucika Gets Top Brand Awards 2021

Rucika Kembali Mendapatkan Top Brand Awards 2021

The year 2021 was a very memorable year for Rucika, because in 2021 Rucika again managed to get a very prestigious award for the umpteenth time, namely, the Top Brand Awards. In 2021, Rucika managed to get 2 awards at once with the Top Brand Index (TBI), namely for the plumbing/pipe category by 37.2% and […]





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