RUCIKA EXOPLAS is a reliable piping system for pressurized clean water applications with special characteristics because it is made of uPVC (unplastized Polyvinyl Chloride) with a Bi-axial (stretching) oriented method for increasing the performance of thermoplastic pipes. RUCIKA EXOPLAS pipe with design stress up to 28 MPa or 2x larger than uPVC pipe makes pressure resistance increase with the same pipe thickness ratio with uPVC pipe.

Produced using the Biaxially method for making pipes and Super Socket design that is different from ordinary PVC, in order to avoid mistakes in installing the Rubber Ring on the pipe socket. Increasing the physical character of the pipe makes Exoplas pipes have high performance. Increases impact ability, ductility and pipe weight reduction compared to ordinary PVC pipes.

For more than 13 years, PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika developed Biax by combining radial and longitudinal production processes to make the Exoplas pipe increase its overall capabilities. Exoplas pipe does not use cadmium and mercury in a mixture of additives that can endanger health.


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