Description of Rucika Transparent Fitting

In line with the increasing complexity of the piping installation system at this time, the plumbing fitting should be done properly to avoid errors such as leaks. Rucika collaborates with Maezawa from Japan to fulfill the need for perfect fittings, by presenting Transparent Fitting which is the development of the Rucika Hygienic System product with transparent materials to facilitate the inspection process when installing pipes and fittings that are correct until the stopper limit.

Transparent Fitting is available in several variants such as elbow 90 ° (AW), Tee (AW), Elbow 45 ° (AW), and Large Radius Tee (AW) which are very suitable for:

  • Clean water and waste water piping installation
  • Ventilation pipe installation
  • Educational facilities for demonstration of piping installation
  • Piping system for hydroponics


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Price of HRS Transparent Fitting
Trade Presenter RHS Transparent Fitting

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