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RUCIKA STANDARD is a PVC pipe used for pressurized clean water and wastewater systems. Made of uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), which has many advantages over other polymer materials, such as Calcium Zinc (No Lead), resistant to corrosion, strong, lightweight, easy to connect and maintain. RUCIKA STANDARD is produced according to JIS and ISO standards with ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

RUCIKA STANDARD PVC pipe class D, for sewers & waste with 11 kinds of diameter sizes from 1-1 / 4 ″ to 12 ″. RUCIKA STANDARD PVC pipe class AW, for pressurized water up to 10 kg / cm2 working pressure with 14 different diameter sizes from 1/2 to 12 ″.

What are PVC Pipe and The Advantages it Has for Drains?

Do you need pipes for drains in your home? If so, PVC pipe may be the best choice. In Indonesia, the use of PVC pipe itself has been chosen by many people. This is not without reason because this type of pipe offers many advantages for you.

So what is PVC pipe? This is the first thermoplastic pipe product that has been used for drains. This one pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride or better known as PVC. The material is a third-order thermoplastic polymer. This pipe is also believed to be better than iron pipes because it is anti-corrosion.

In addition, the installation process of this one pipe is very easy so you don't need a long time for installation. Some of the advantages offered by this pipe include.

The Advantages of PVC pipe

1. Easy installation

As previously explained, this polyvinyl chloride pipe offers easy installation. This is none other than because the cutting process of the pipe is easier than the type of iron pipe which requires special tools to cut it. With its lightweight material, it will make it easy for you to carry or install the pipe.

2. The price is cheaper

Regarding the price, this type of PVC pipe also offers a relatively cheaper price when compared to iron pipes. In addition, these pipe connection accessories are also cheap. The cheap maintenance process also makes you not need to hire professional services to solve these problems.

3. Strong and sturdy enough

Talking about the strength of this PVC pipe, you shouldn't doubt it. Even the modern generation of uPVC pipes have made use of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material has succeeded in fixing the many weaknesses of the previous PVC material. No wonder this pipe is very strong and sturdy.

4. Resistant to corrosion

In contrast to iron pipes where it is very easy to be exposed to corrosion, this type of PVC pipe turns out to be resistant to corrosion so that the life of the pipe is longer. Not only is it resistant to corrosion, this pipe is also resistant to various kinds of chemicals such as alkaline to other chemical compounds.

5. There are various types

Another advantage of this PVC pipe is that it has several types of pipes including the use of industrial standards such as ASTM, JIS, BS to SNI. The SNI and JIS standards are the most widely used in Indonesia. The types of PVC pipes that are most widely used include SDR-41 pipes, JIS standard uPVC pipes to aw / VP Upvc pipes.

Choosing a water pipe for the drain in your house is not something you should do carelessly. One of the most widely used types of pipe is PVC pipe. This is a pipe with many advantages offered in it.


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