Projects Requiring TRUGlue Products

Produk TRUGlue untuk Berbagai Proyek

You can now find PVC pipe adhesives with the type of solvent cement (PVC compounding) either at the nearest building shop or online. Various kinds of brands are also on the market with competitive and promising prices. But do you know the best PVC pipe adhesive for your function and needs?

There are several considerations before you choose the best PVC pipe adhesive product to use, how it will turn out after it is applied, how long it will dry, how much it costs, whether the result will cause color, etc. With these considerations, it’s a good idea to think about the project to be carried out in advance, that way you will easily choose the type or brand of PVC pipe adhesive needed.

DIY with PVC Pipe

For non-plumbing project users or for crafts from PVC pipes, preventing leakage is not the main priority, but what is needed is a PVC pipe adhesive that can bond and glue perfectly so that the results are durable and strong also look good, smooth and not rough.

PVC Pipe Repair

If you want to use PVC pipe adhesive to repair leaks or for new installation of PVC pipe, then you need to think further about what type of adhesive for PVC pipe is suitable for your needs, not only perfect but also durable. The adhesive for this kind of need must be able to solvent the pipe and the PVC pipe fitting are so that there is no leakage at the connection.

Industrial / Large Scale Projects

For large-scale project professional workers, it is certain that adhesive products for PVC pipes that have complete criteria such as durable, easy to use, perfect adhesion, fast connection process, and suitable in tropical climates at competitive prices. Because the most important thing to keep in mind when using PVC pipe adhesives is how you use it, it will have the greatest impact on its performance results.

Overall, the characteristics of the PVC pipe adhesive product needed for these purposes are found in the adhesive brand for special pipes for PVC, namely TRUGlue solvent cement from Rucika. With a short compounding process, PVC pipes and joints should be clean and dust-free, the connection method is very easy without needing to be rotated. The price of TRUGlue PVC pipe adhesive is also very affordable and in accordance with the advantages of its product. To produce the best PVC pipe connection, of course, use the best material right!

The TRUGlue product name has now changed to RuGlue. However, the functions and materials used in the manufacturing process remain the same.

The TRUGlue product name has now changed to RuGlue. However, the functions and materials used in the manufacturing process remain the same.




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