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The piping industry in Indonesia is growing. Consumers not only need good piping system planning but also look for innovative pipe products. For example, pipes that are able to maintain water temperature can dampen sound, underground water systems that can manage abundant rainwater in tropical climate countries, such as Indonesia.

Unlike the piping at home, the construction of a vertical building with a large number of floors has specificity in piping planning. Rucika provides vertical piping solutions to meet the health and sanitation needs of multi-storey buildings. Rucika introduces 5 innovative product series, they are Rucika Kelen Green, Rucika Kelox, Rucika PP3, Siphonic System, and Rucika RainWater System.

The three pipe products for multi-storey buildings have their respective advantages, which you can see on the following page. PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has experience in the piping world for more than 45 years. This makes Rucika pipes a quality product of choice for multi-storey buildings and other types of buildings.

Piping System Solution

The need for a piping system for either clean water or waste water in a high-rise building should use an integrated product that meets the needs, such as for pressurized hot and cold water, soundproof, and also as rainwater absorption.

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For building sanitary needs, including heating systems

Available in various pressure and temperature classes

PPR pipe refers to ISO 15874, DIN 8077 & DIN 8078 standards

Working temperature up to 70°C

Working pressure: PN 10, PN 16, & PN 20

Available sizes DN 20 – DN 160

Available with PPR Fittings

Rucika Kelen Green Application

Rucika Kelen Green is made of lightweight PPR type 3 / PPR 80 which makes transportation & installation easier. This system is designed for:

Apartment, hotel, hospital, residential & industrial sanitary systems.

Pressurized air system

Drinking water and liquid food systems

Agriculture (greenhouses and parks)

Aggressive acid and liquid transport systems

Air conditioning system (AC)

"Resistant to
too low
as well as very high temperatures"

No Noise, Anti-Blockage/Clogging

In designing sewer systems from sanitary and kitchen equipment in multi-storey buildings, as much as possible we prevent clogging of pipes.

The blockage in the drain occurs due to the sedimentation process and accumulation of fat in the pipe. But don't worry, we can solve both of these problems if we use pipes that are slippery on the inner surface, such as Rucika PP3 pipes. Guaranteed, no more clogged pipe problems. Especially for wastewater in the kitchen, pipes should also be able to withstand hot water pouring up to a temperature of 100 ° C. Rucika PP3, besides being heat resistant, is also resistant to chemicals so it is suitable when used in laboratories, hospitals, or other buildings that produce chemical waste. Rucika PP3 is able to solve the problem of pipe noise. In high-rise buildings the sound from pipes can propagate through the building structure and this will certainly disturb residents, especially in hotels or apartments. It has a special material - called Astolan, which is great for reducing sound.

no more noise
from the drain

Produk Rucika PP3

Rucika PP3 products

Mountable bracket with / without rubber (does not reduce quality)

There are various sizes & complete models of joints

Rubber ring connection system that is easy, fast, strong, and leak-proof

Rucika PP3 Application

Rucika PP3 is designed to meet the needs of multi-storey buildings, including:

Wastewater systems from sanitary equipment.

Installation of hot and fatty waste water in the kitchen area, including the professional kitchen.

Installation of chemical wastewater with a pH between 2-12.

Places that require sound isolation, such as hospitals, schools, places of worship, meeting rooms, bedrooms, etc.

"The Rucika PP3 pipe has the ability to reduce the sound better"

Able to Control Rainwater

During the rainy season where very heavy rain often occurs, the drainage capacity is not able to accommodate rainwater because the reduced infiltration area also decreases soil absorption, causing flooding. This will result in considerable losses and have a negative impact on public health. RUCIKA RAINWATER SYSTEM functions as a rainwater absorption and utilization system.

The rapid growth of population / settlement and industry resulted in reduced water catchment areas. This puts a huge burden on the environment and existing drainage systems in residential areas. During the rainy season where heavy rains often occur, the flow of rainwater will exceed the capacity of the existing drainage system and sewer, which will pose a risk to public health and property. PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has developed a new system to overcome this problem, namely the Rucika Rainwater System, a rainwater control system.

.. rainwater management solutions that are safe for the environment

Tensho_studio front key-View 1

Rucika Rain Water System
Rainwater Infiltration & Control System

In the form of small, lightweight units assembled with clips

The system capacity is able to accommodate rainwater of 185 liters / unit

Complete system accessories, including slit traps, separators, etc.

Rucika Rain Water System Application

Easy to Inspect

Easy Installation

Efficient Transportation

Large Capacity

Recycled Materials


"Prevent drought
and replenish groundwater"

References Projects

Rucika pipes have been used in various multi-storey building projects throughout Indonesia. Complete and quality plumbing products and accessories are one of the reasons why consumers choose Rucika. In addition, Rucika provides solutions for consumers to solve piping problems.

Rucika, the right choice for quality piping systems ..


The following are construction projects which used Rucika Green:

Ciputra World, Surabaya

Meritus Hotel, Surabaya

Senayan City Apartment, Jakarta

Kemang Village, Jakarta

Amos Cozzy Hotel, Jakarta

Advent Hospital, Bandung

City Home Apartment, Jakarta

Swiss-Bell SKA Hotel, Pekanbaru

City House Apartment, Jakarta

French Walk Apartment, Jakarta

Residence 8 Apartment, Jakarta

Armada Town Square, Magelang

The St. Moritz Penthouse & Residence, Jakarta

Building projects using SiTech and As:

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta

JW Marriot Hotel, Medan

Bvlgari Pecatu Resort, Bali

Trans Bandung Hotel

Water Park Solo

Oakwood Residence, Jakarta

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