Rucika Solution for Indonesian Water Management

Water resources are God's gift to mankind. The state is obliged to manage it as best as possible for the welfare of the Indonesian people. Water resource infrastructure development continues to increase in line with the increase in population. Every development is carried out for the sake of achieving community welfare.

Rucika supports the development of water resources infrastructure in Indonesia through a piping system with technology of international quality, yet still efficient and in accordance with the geographical conditions in Indonesia. For example, Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipes, Rucika Black HDPE pipes, and Rucika Safe & Rucika Lok uPVC pipes which support the availability of clean water and drinking water for the community.

Not only that, there are also Rucika Lite uPVC pipe products designed for exhaust systems in urban and industrial areas. The issue of waste is closely related to community life and the environment.

Practical and Efficient.

Flexible, Tough.

Waste Management Solution.

Leak-Proof System.

Clean Water Distribution Practical & Efficient

The provision of clean water for the community requires quality pipe products that are lightweight, fast to install, and easy to apply, but from the cost side they are still efficient so they do not burden the budget.

All these needs are met by Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipes. This PVC-O (Oriented Unplastized Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe is the only pipe in Indonesia that has bi-axial oriented technology. This technology increases the strength of the pipe while making it lighter in weight, compared to standard PVC-U. The lightness of the pipe makes installation costs more efficient, because the installation does not require welding tools or heavy equipment. Meanwhile, the flexible nature of the pipe can save on bend requirements.

Clean water infrastructure that provides plenty of water and meets health standards. Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe has the advantage of a high water distribution flow capacity, suitable for meeting the clean water needs of people in urban and rural areas.

Rucika Exoplas' PVC-O Pipe Innovation Makes Clean Water Flow Swiftly And Smoothly



The first pipe product in Indonesia to introduce PVC-O pipe technology

PVC-O Exoplas Pipe has a bi-axial orientation which makes the pipe lighter, but tough in resisting impact & hydrostatic loads.

It is elastic so it saves the need for a bend of 11 ° ––22 °.

The pipe fitting is integrated with the rubber powerlock system.

Rucika Exoplas PVC-O Pipe Applications

Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe is very strong against water pressure and high impact strength, this system is designed to:

Installation of clean water transmission and distribution networks in government projects.

Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM).

Installation of Clean Water Channels for Housing and Industry.


PVC-O Rucika Exoplas is lighter, stronger, and more flexible, saving installation costs

Flexible and Resilient in Various Land Conditions

The distribution of drinking water that is evenly distributed to various regions requires pipe products that have high flexibility and are tough to face extreme natural conditions.

Made from High Definition Polyethylene (HDPE), Rucika Black HDPE pipe is the right product for drinking water networks. The advantage over other similar products is that it has a high degree of flexibility so that it can be used for hilly, marshy contours, even in earthquake-prone areas, such as the geographical conditions in Indonesia.

The toughness of Rucika Black HDPE pipe can be seen from its resistance to extreme weather. With a brittle point well below 0 ° C, the pipe remains safe even at low temperatures. This pipe has a slippery surface on the inside of the pipe, this is proven to be able to minimize the occurrence of pressure loss (<205> head loss </205>) and sedimentation.

Pouring water into glass on blue background

Healthy drinking water is available in various regions


The pipe material uses the PE-100 type, with a design stress of 8 Mpa.

Anti-cracking, anti-rust, and very elastic

Available in the form of bars and coils to facilitate the transportation and installation process

Have several alternative joints, they are Fusion Welded Joint, Butt & Electro Fusion, and Mechanical Compression Joints.


Rucika Black HDPE pipe application

This international quality pipe which has good resistance to chemicals is usually applied to:

Drinking water pipe network

Underwater pipeline network

Relining drainage pipelines or drinking water

Pipe installation in waterlogged areas, swamps, areas prone to earthquakes, or areas with unstable land conditions.

The toughness of Rucika Black HDPE pipe is suitable for extreme natural conditions

Strong System, Not Leak easily

To facilitate the distribution of clean water and drinking water to the wider community, we need pipes that are strong and leak resistant.

Rucika designed the Rucikasafe and Rucikalok uPVC pipe products to support the distribution of drinking water and clean water. Made from uPVC resin (<307> unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride </307>), this pipe is strong, anti-rust, not easy to leak, and lightweight. Rucikasafe & Rucikalok uPVC pipes have met SNI Standard.

Both of these uPVC pipes have advantages in their fitting systems. The Rucika Safe fitting system uses glue (<310> Solvent Cement </310>), while Rucika Lok uses a rubber ring (Z-Joint). Both are lightweight, so they are easy to transport and the installation process is quicker. Available in various sizes and types of fittings that can be selected as needed.


Z Joint Technology makes pipe fittings much more perfect


Contains at least 92.5% uPVC (unplastized Polyvinyl Chloride) resin which is strong & leak-resistant.

Rucika Safe uses Solvent Cement which holds the spigot and socket together in a compound connection.

Rucika Lok uses Z-Joint rubber that holds the pipe together while protecting it against pressure so that the pipe fitting becomes more perfect.

Smooth inner surface can prevent obstruction of water flow (head loss).


Rucika Safe & Rucika Lok uPVC Pipe Applications

The piping system with the uPVC Rucika Safe and Rucika Lok pipes has been widely used in government and private projects, such as:

Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM)

Ministry of Public Works

Real Estate


The Rucika Safe and Rucika Lok uPVC pipes are safe to use for community drinking water distribution

Manage Waste, Environmentally Friendly

The quality of waste management systems in urban areas is continuously improved in order to maintain the harmony of community life and the environment.

Wastewater drainage system is recommended to use closed drain because the waste will harm health and the environment. For the needs of an integrated waste network that is hygienic and safe for the environment, PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika designed the U-PVC Rucika Lite pipe product which is reliable in managing wastewater with complete accessories, suitable for urban areas with rapid urban growth.

Rucika Lite u-PVC pipe has a smooth surface on the inside; the goal is to reduce the pressure difference in the pipe so that the flow of waste can be smoother. This uPVC (<412> Unplastized Polyvinyl Chloride </412>) pipe can channel liquid waste from housing and industry.


Wastewater network system in urban areas with the most complete accessories


Polyvinyl Chloride) at least 92.5%.

Anti-rust, not easy to leak, resistant to abrasion.

Has excellent resistance to extreme chemicals.

Rubber ring joint / push fit joint fitting system

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 19.10.15

Rucika Lite uPVC Pipe application

Rucika Lite uPVC pipes, fittings, and pipe accessories meet ISO and SNI standards, this system is designed to facilitate installation:

Sewerage from residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Outer building drainage system.

Channeling liquid waste from housing.

Can minimize the resistance of waste flow in the pipe

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