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RuGlue, The Best PVC Pipe Adhesives

Adhesive or also commonly called adhesive is an important ingredient in joining the material. Especially in plumbing systems, to join various types of PVC pipes and joints

The best PVC pipe glue in connecting PVC pipes and joints is that of a solvent cement which when applied, softens and dissolves the pipe layer so that when it dries the layer actually becomes one part. RuGlue is a solvent cement adhesive produced and distributed by PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika for pipe connection and PVC connection applications.

RuGlue Base Material

RuGlue is a solvent cement adhesive that can provide a PVC joint because the base material is PVC resin. PVC resin is one of the basic ingredients in the form of powder to make PVC pipes or joints so that when RuGlue is applied it will be compounded and become one part of the joint.

Drying Time Using RuGlue

This adhesive will compound well when applied in the field according to predetermined conditions such as drying time before being watered or under working pressure. Each different diameter of the water pipe has a different drying time as shown in the table below:

Waktu Pengeringan Lem Ruglue

RuGlue Packaging

Ruglue also has varied and practical packaging according to field applications:

Kemasan RuGlue

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