11 Januari 2017,


The Advantages of TRUGlue As Glue for PVC Pipes and Fittings

If you are looking for glue for PVC pipes and fittings specifically for tropical climates, TRUGlue is one of the best quality solutions.

The Advantages of TRUGlue

  • TRUGlue was specially developed by experts for tropical climates. With the latest formulas and technology, TRUGlue has advantages over other PVC pipe adhesive products, such as the following:
  • TRUGlue pipe & fittings can be used to solvent PVC pipes and fittings covering household applications to large projects. Has extraordinary compounding power because TRUGlue makes PVC pipes and fittings perfectly compound (welded) to one another, thus preventing leakage.
  • Variable and practical packaging, also easy to use so as to ensure that PVC pipe joints & fittings can be combined perfectly.

Currently, the TRUGlue glue produced by PT PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has officially changed to RuGlue. Get product information and prices for this glue, please visit https://www.rucika.co.id/en/product/rucika/rucika-fitting-upvc/.

So, when will you use RuGlue glue to make the most of your big project?

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