15 November 2021,


Water for Human Life

Human life cannot be separated from land, water and air. Soil is a foothold and source of all food ingredients grown on the ground. Air (oxygen) is used to breathe and together with the blood flows the heart is pumped to the lungs and throughout the body to supply the substances needed by humans. About three quarters of our body is made up of water and no one can survive more than 4-5 days without drinking water. In addition, water is also used for cooking, washing, bathing, and cleaning up dirt around the house. Water is also used for industrial purposes, agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations, firefighting, recreation areas, restaurants, hotels, transportation, and various other purposes. Diseases that attack humans can also be transmitted and spread through water. This condition can certainly cause disease outbreaks everywhere. The volume of water in the human body on average is 65% of the total body weight, and this volume varies greatly from person to person, and even varies between parts of a person’s body. Some organs of the human body that contain a lot of water, among others, brain 74.5%, bone 22%, kidney 82.7%, muscle 75.6%, and blood 83%.

One ​​of the basic daily needs of living things in this world that can not be separated is water. Not only important for humans, water is an important part for living things both animals and plants. Without water there is no possibility of life in this world because all living things really need water to survive. Humans may be able to live for several days but humans will not survive for several days if they do not drink because it is absolute that most of the substances that make up the human body consist of 73% water. So it’s not a new thing if life in this world can continue because of the availability of sufficient water.

Here we see that water has a very important role in all aspects of human life, we should choose the right pipe as a means of water transportation. PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has been present for more than 45 years as the largest piping producer in the country. With more than 45 years of experience in the piping industry, he has consistently produced various types of superior products, one of which is Rucika Standard pipes. RUCIKA STANDARD is a PVC pipe for the piping system of pressurized clean water and sewage. Made of uPVC material (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) which has many advantages compared to other polymer materials, such as: the presence of Calcium Zinc (No Lead), corrosion resistance, strength, light weight, easy connection and maintenance. RUCIKA STANDARD is produced according to JIS and ISO standards with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

RUCIKA STANDARD class D PVC pipe, for sewer & wastes with 11 different diameter sizes from DN 35 mm (1¼ “) to DN 300 mm (12”). RUCIKA STANDARD class AW PVC pipe, for pressurized water up to a working pressure of 10 kg/cm2 with 14 different diameter sizes from DN 16 mm (½”) to DN 300 mm (12″).

rucika standard kelas D

Rucika Standard kelas AW

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