18 Juli 2018,


6 Things That Happen If You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Many studies say that we must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Maybe you are still wondering if drinking so much is worth the frequent use of us to the bathroom? The answer, it is worth it. Here are 6 things that happen if you don’t drink enough water:

 1. You will have a health disorder

health problems

Higher water intake has been linked to lower chances of kidney stones, urinary tract and colon cancer as well as heart attacks.

2. Your metabolism will be inhibited

metabolic rate will be faster when the body becomes more hydrated

In an independent study in his 2010 book The Water Secret (Wiley), Dr. Howard Murad found that a person’s basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest) will be faster when the body becomes more hydrated.

3. You will think harder to complete the same task

 think harder to complete the task

At the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London in 2011, scientists found that the brains of dehydrated adolescents could shrink from their skulls and when asked to play a problem-solving game, they performed just as well but this game involved their brains doing it more. (Drinking water returns the brain to its normal size)

4. You will eat more

You will eat more

A 2010 study of 45 adults by the Institute for Public Health and Water Research found that those who drank two glasses of water before each meal consumed 75 to 90 fewer calories while eating. After more than three months, the water drinker loses an average of 2 kg more than a dry diet

5. Wrinkles will be more visible

Wrinkles will be more visible

Researchers also found that water can make the skin more supple, fill fine lines and wrinkles, also soften dull skin.

6. You will experience an unpleasant mood

You will experience an unpleasant mood

Researchers in Massachusetts asked male and female team members to do aerobic exercise for 60 to 75 minutes without drinking enough water first. As a result, a well hydrated team can resolve aerobics calmly but the dehydrated group is more likely to report feeling tired, confused, angry, depressed, or tense.

Well, of course you do not want to experience the 6 things above just because of lack of drinking water right? now is the time you begin to focus on drinking water regularly. If you still use boiled water to drink, make sure the water in the house is clean and healthy water through the best and proven strength of drains, such as pipes and Rucika fitting.

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