10 November 2021,


7 Siraman Traditional Springs

Indonesia is a country that has many cultures in it. Each region has local wisdom that is very well preserved from time immemorial. Like the siraman tradition, the culture has been passed on from generation to generation. And until now we can still see the cultural heritage.

This custom is very close to the water. Because this flush requires 7 different water sources at each flush. This siraman tradition is usually done before a wedding in Java.

The meaning of this custom siraman also has the meaning to get rid of all the negative things from the bride and groom so they can enter the gate marriage with a holy self again.

Seeing how important it is that this cultural heritage must be passed on from generation to generation, therefore we have a very important role to play in passing on this cultural heritage so that it will be passed on to our children and grandchildren later.

Knowing how close this custom is to water, we become more aware of and have an important role to play in preserving water. There are so many types of water that we can protect, manage and conserve. There are so many water sources that we can preserve, such as rainwater, river water, dew water, well water, lake water, waterfalls, and ground water.

As long as we take care of this water source and we manage it properly, then the next generation can continue to enjoy the heritage that has been preserved from generation to generation

Together with Rucika, with a wide range of quality piping system products, we work together to protect water and culture that has existed since time immemorial

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