20 Desember 2019,


Avoid Floods, Use the Rucika Rainwater System

Heavy rain can cause flooding especially in urban areas such as Jakarta. As has just happened, floods that have rarely been heard in recent years in various areas in Jakarta, were again seen in the Senayan Jakarta area, 17 December 2019 afternoon.

The rain which flushed one of the shopping centers in the capital made several motorists stop running their activities. Even though it recedes quickly and does not take a long time, of course it still disrupts the activities of not only the driver but also everyone around Senayan Jakarta.

How to prevent flooding? Rucika has the solution. As a total piping system solution, the Rucika Rainwater System can be used to avoid flooding in various areas as rain water catchment, so that water that falls on the road does not stagnate. If rainwater in a tall building is immediately thrown into a ditch, road or river without being put into a rainwater catchment well first, it can cause flooding because its capacity is no longer able to accommodate rainwater overflow.

Therefore, a Rucika Rainwater System is needed for each building that can be installed under a park area, under a parking area, etc. to avoid high waterlogging and flooding. This Rucika Rainwater System can accommodate rainwater catchment areas which are currently much reduced, especially in big cities like Jakarta

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