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Clean Water Requirements

In an increasingly modern era with the development of technology that is very fast, we make the switch to using sophisticated equipment. Along with the transfer of technology, human needs have also changed, but there is a need that can not be replaced from the time of early humans to this technological age. Do you know that irreplaceable need? Yes, clean water. Yes, clean water. From ancient times water has been the source of life for living things, including Humans. The water content in the human body is 70% – 80%, making us unable to live without water.

The use of water for humans is very much, ranging from for consumption, cooking, bathing, washing, and so forth. In addition to the above matter, water is also used by humans as a cooling medium for industrial machines, to vehicle engines that we use every day. The use of so much water certainly requires various specifications of water to suit its use. This time we will discuss the clean water requirements for use in household activities such as for consumption, bathing, and washing. Do you already know the clean water requirements?

An international plumbing expert, Ir. Santoso Ahmad, M.T., Dipl. Sanitartech from PPPPTK Malang said that in the planning of clean water installations four conditions must be met as follows:

  1. Enough amount
  2. Hygienic
  3. Optimal technical
  4. Economical

Of the four criteria above, let us discuss one by one to get the explanation below.

  1. Enough amount

The amount of clean water must meet all needs and is always available at all times. For example, clean water must always be available, even in the dry season, not only in the rainy season. This will provide comfort for users of clean water.

  1. Hygienic

Clean water available must be hygienic with colorless, odorless, and tasteless characteristics. What is meant by no color in clean water is that water must be clear or transparent if the water is turbid or colored, then it is certain that there are other elements or materials mixed in the water. Likewise, with no smell, clean water must not emit odors and also tasteless or tasteless. Imagine if the water we use to rinse while doing ablution and toothbrush has a taste then surely we are uncomfortable and hesitant in using it.

  1. Optimal technical

Clean water network installation must be optimally technical, safe for applicator safety, and safe for pipelines and must meet SNI 8153: 2015 regarding plumbing systems in buildings. For example, if a source of clean water is found at a depth of 200 meters in the ground then this requirement cannot be met and another example if the source of clean water is 30 Km away, this requirement is also not fulfilled.

  1. Economical

Clean water must also be economical at a cost that does not burden users. Whether it’s the cost of electricity from the pump used to distribute clean water, the cost of installing water pipe, to the cost of maintaining all of them must be planned as best as possible by not leaving the three criteria above.

So does your clean water meet the four conditions above? if not yet which points have not been met? Then if you want to make improvements to the clean water network system in your home to meet the four conditions above, don’t forget to always use it Rucika pipes which provides various types of pipes and their connections as a Total Piping System Solution.

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Oki Prasetyo N.

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