18 Juni 2019,


Comfort at the Hospital Using Rucika

One effort to meet the needs of health services for the community in Jakarta, whether carried out by the government or the private sector, is the construction of several hospitals such as the Cengkareng Regional General Hospital and Siloam Hospital in Cinere since mid-2018 ago.

There are similarities with the construction project of Royal Prima Hospital in Medan, Cengkareng Hospital and Siloam Cinere Hospital using a plumbing system from Rucika specifically for wastewater. The material needs of these building materials must be chosen appropriately in accordance with their functions to provide more comfort for patients.

The US pipeline from Rucika was used by the Cengkareng area general hospital. This pipe with a rubber ring joint junction system has a complete size for the hot exhaust water channel and can reduce the sound because it is made of Polypropylene Astolan material. While Sitech+ from Rucika was used in the Siloam Cinere hospital construction project, it is used for hot water discharges made from 3 layers of polypropylene compounds which can reduce noise and have a variety of sizes and are more economical.

The design of the hospital building does not only include the design of the room, but one of the most important is the design of drains that need to be considered to meet the needs of various activities of workers, patients and hospital visitors. With the existence of this new hospital, it is expected to be able to provide better and better quality health services in Jakarta

Cengkareng Regional Hospital

Siloam Cinere Hospital

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