Rucika Exoplas, Distribute Clean Water in the Middle of a Pandemic

Rucika Exoplas, Distribusikan Air Bersih ditengah Pandemi

Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe is the result of innovation made by Rucika to develop the best pipe. With the presence of the Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe, of course, answers the need for clean water distribution in the community.

Exoplas Pipe Advantages

Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe does not use Lead material which is harmful to health in its additive mixture. Not only that, the Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipe is also able to withstand water pressure and has a high impact power, suitable for the installation of clean water transmission and distribution networks in government projects, Regional Drinking Water Companies (PDAMs), residential and industrial clean water pipelines installations.

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Evenly Distribution of Clean Water Thanks to the Rucika Exoplas Pipe

The presence of Rucika Exoplas PVC-O pipes, certainly makes it easier to distribute clean water evenly to consumers’ homes. The need for clean water in the midst of this pandemic is very important because with clean water we can maintain immunity in the body and can implement a clean life properly, such as washing hands with clean running water.

Maintaining the body’s immunity is something that must be considered because this helps us to be stronger from virus attacks. Not only washing hands with clean water, we also have to do sports and eat nutritious food, so that the body will be healthier during this pandemic.


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rucika adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam menproduksi dan mengembangkan sistem pengaliran di indonesia dengan mode perpipaan. Untuk harga pipa air dari rucika sangat terjangkau keseluruh masyarakat indonesia.

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