22 November 2021,


Hot Cold Today’s Industry

Industry is a sector that in its operations requires pipes to carry fluids, both liquid and gas. Of course, the use of pipes in industry is different from that at home in general. In general, the fluid being flowed also has unusual characteristics, such as high or low fluid temperature, high fluid pressure, or fluid with an acidic or basic pH.

Hot water in industry usually comes from the production process or excesses from the process, while ordinary cold water comes from chiller which is used to cool parts in production machines. This installation must also be considered in detail so that when it reaches the end point, the water temperature is as desired, because the water flows too slowly and the ambient air temperature is will also affect the water temperature. Likewise with materials, the characteristics of pipe materials that easily transfer heat will be difficult to maintain the temperature of the fluid flowing in them, so the selection of pipe materials is important to consider.

To accommodate this fluid transportation, of course it must be supported by pipes with special specifications. We can use the pipe RUCIKA KELEN GREEN to drain hot or cold water under pressure. This pipe is designed to be able to minimize changes in water temperature due to the influence of ambient air temperature, and vice versa, this pipe is also able to minimize the release of heat from the flowing fluid. The thicker the dimensions, the better to isolate the fluid inside. Pipe made of Polypropylene Random Type 3 (PPR Type 3) is capable of conveying water up to a temperature of 70°C at a pressure of 8.5 bar and up to 30.3 bar at a temperature of 10°C, so this pipe can be used to support industrial production processes.

In addition to being resistant to high temperatures, PPR pipes are also resistant to various chemicals including chemicals with a low pH (acid), in contrast to pipes with metal materials which will react with acids. Due to its chemical resistance, PPR pipe has a long service life, like RUCIKA KELEN GREEN, it is designed with service life up to 50 years. With this long service life, of course, it will be very profitable for the industrial sector because there is no need to frequently replace pipe installations and of course the production process will not be disturbed.

With Pipe & RUCIKA KELEN GREEN fittings guaranteed production process.


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