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Installation of Good and Correct Home Water Pipe Installation

A habitable house certainly requires a clean water pipeline because it is one of the things that must exist in a place to live

Planning for clean water installations can be made correctly according to technical rules so that the process of water distribution for home use can later run smoothly and efficiently. Here are some important factors in the installation of clean water pipes:

Water Sources

In this section is to understand where clean water from your home will be supplied. In general, the availability of adequate water sources for housing needs is the piped PAM network and groundwater.

After you determine the appropriate type of water source, you can plan the installation of water pipes more mature. An example is: If you use a PAM water source, of course, you will be given a distribution channel from a pipe that has been provided by the PAM manager, and you are prohibited from modifying the pipe size or changing it yourself.

The use of groundwater in the sense of making your own well and installing a water pump will make it easier for you to manage your water needs as long as the water source is always available and not experiencing drought.

Installation Model

There are two types of clean water pipe installation models that you can apply by adjusting field conditions and the availability of budget funds.

Closed System. This model of pipe installation is also called the circular connection meaning that all the ends of the pipe are connected without disconnecting. The advantage is that it makes the water pressure stronger and when there is a water tap that is opened simultaneously it will get the same water discharge.

Open System. With lower costs, installation of this type of water pipe if wrong in its planning there will be many problems in the future such as unequal water discharge from one faucet to another, and if there is damage at any point it will make some distribution lines totally dead without getting water supply.

Location of Installation

According to the technical procedures for installing clean waterways, there are two methods that can be chosen, namely embedded and attached installation. For those who are embedded, it will certainly look neater because it is in the ground or wall, but it will also still be difficult if there is a repair or maintenance later.


At present, the selection of materials for installation of waterways is very diverse ranging from those made of metal (iron), PVC, and the most expensive is made of stainless steel which is quite safe from corrosion. Each of these materials also has advantages and disadvantages from different technical aspects as well as adjusting to the location of work in the field or according to other supporting procedures.

With the penetration of the uPVC pipe system into the water pipeline market, RUCIKA Standard JIS has been developed to meet the needs of drinking water pipe installations in homes and high rise buildings for more than 30 years ago. RUCIKA Standard JIS has various types of connections / fittings that are very complete with more than 300 product items, and complete product pipeline levels, so it is very suitable when used in clean water, rainwater, dirty water, and air ventilation pipes.

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