13 Maret 2019,


Royal Prima Hospital Using Rucika Kelen Green

Clean water is very necessary for everyday human life, therefore, planning in the installation and installation of waterways must be carefully considered. Especially if clean water is needed for the needs of the hospital, where this treatment certainly requires clean water to support various medical activities such as medication, laboratories, examinations and even needed for cooking, laundry, etc.

Clean water distribution systems at hospitals should be planned according to requirements such as must meet the water flow and pressure that has been determined, and reservoirs for drinking water must be maintained as well as possible. Therefore, clean water installations should use the best materials, especially pipes and connections for clean water itself.

Like Royal Prima Hospital in Medan, which is very concerned about the need for clean water, uses one of the most complete piping systems from Rucika which is specifically for hot and cold pressurized water, with a Type III random polypropylene (PP-R) material, namely Rucika Kelen Green. Having a wide product range from 20mm to 160mm in diameter, this PP-R pipe which has the ability to store both hot and cold temperatures is very suitable for use in various high rise buildings such as hospitals.

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