17 April 2020,


Rucika Jacking Pipe The Latest Generation of PVC Pipes for Sewage (sewerage system)

In the field of public works, there is a type of water pipe that is often talked about and most sought after now because it has never existed before in Indonesia. However, this type of pipe has actually become a mandatory duct system in developed countries such as integrated exhaust systems such as in Japan and Australia. Rucika Jacking Pipe ! The latest generation of PVC pipe for sewerage (sewerage system)

What is a jacking pipe? In fact, why is it called pipe jacking? From his own words, the meaning is a pipe in jacking or jacks that are jacked up. But because the application will be horizontal, the process of ‘boosting’ this is more pushing with a certain pressure and measurably adjusted the size of the pipe and the pipe itself will later be continued until it becomes a drain.

Pipe jacking installation
Instalasi Jacking Pipe

Why is this jacking pipe special? Because in Indonesia this process is not usually done especially with PVC pipes, because jacking system is usually done for concrete products (concrete culverts). Rucika pioneered the production of PVC jacking pipes to meet the needs of a contractor or wastewater treatment company which is getting day by day demanded to do innovation and efficiency.

Rucika PVC jacking pipe itself is actually a Rucika Standard JIS pipe modified to meet the JSWAS-K6 standard, which is the Japanese standard for wastewater, where the standard pipe length is 1 meter and later when applied is connected to a collar or sleeve made of stainless steel and there is a rubber seal to ensure the pipe does not leak.

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