13 September 2019,


Rucika Rainwater System Simple Infiltration Technology for Housing

Indonesia as a tropical region which has 2 seasons, namely the rainy and dry seasons can affect daily water needs. During the rainy season, of course we will not worry about water needs, but what if the rainfall is excessive and there is no adequate water reservoir? Surely this will cause flooding and make daily activities hampered. During the dry season, we certainly need enough water for everyday use. But what if the dry season is prolonged? The water needed will be more than usual. Rucika who has a total piping system solution would have thought of anticipation on this matter. Infiltration wells that can be made easily in general can now be applied even more easily through Rucika Rainwater System , a simple recharge technology that can be used also for housing.

Rucika Rainwater System < / em> in addition to functioning as a water catchment that uses Geotextile, it can also function as water storage by using Geomembrane so that it can be used again as clean water when the dry season arrives. Installation of water absorption and storage systems is not new in Indonesia. There are already several buildings or open areas that use this system and one of them is housing on the Prapanca Cipete street in 2008 which uses 64 units and can store 13m 13 of water

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