3 November 2021,


Rucika Ready to Air With Various Regional Languages

Did you know that PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has been established for almost 50 years in Indonesia accompanying the community in meeting their needs for a piping system in their homes and other buildings.

Thanks to the trust of Rucika’s loyal customers in the piping system products manufactured by PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, Rucika can survive until this moment.

Not only it, but there are other things that make Rucika able to survive in the midst of the development of the digital world when this. One of them is a creative and original idea that makes Rucika different from other building material brands.

As of now, Rucika has released Ads Libs Radio using various regional languages. Ads Libs Radio, which is currently being run by Rucika, tells the story of a homeowner who complains to a handyman because he is shopping for a very high quality pipe. Would you like that? ? How’s the full story?

Rucika’s Libs Ads can be heard on various radios in various languages, you know! Such as West Java language that can be heard on Dahllia FM, PR Radio FM, OZ Radio FM, in Central Java radio RRI Pro 2 FM 99.0, Yes FM 104.2, POP FM 96.9, Wijaya FM 102.6, etc., and in East Java can be heard on SS FM, KDS 8 FM, DCS FM, PROSALINA FM, Radio Bintang Tenggara FM

Who can interpret what the landlord and the handyman are talking about? Let’s listen to the ads libs and share the story on Instagram @rucikaoffical

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