15 September 2021,


Starterpack Piping System For Minimalist House

During the pandemic, we often find the latest inspiration for minimalist homes, both newly built or under renovation. Along with the times, the form of house design is now increasingly varied. Starting from the design of a house full of partitions and various kinds of partitions to limit one space to another. Now the design of the house in today’s era emphasizes the minimalist side in every room.

Like using glass material as a barrier so that the room looks wider and more able to reflect light in the space. And of course, this really makes your home very energy efficient. But whatever the shape of the house design, you also have to pay attention to other important things such as the piping system.

Because if this piping system is not taken care of properly, this will create various problems in the piping system and will add to the budget to fix it. Like leaking water pipes, clogged sinks, and many other things.

PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, provides a total solution to your piping system by presenting a wide range of piping products with the best quality and standards for residential homes. Let’s now discuss what piping systems are needed to be installed in modern minimalist homes!

Make sure the house has a Rucika JIS (Japanese Industrialized Japanese) installed because it is very suitable for use for pressurized clean water and wastewater piping systems that have a higher safety factor.

For wastewater purposes, you can use the Access Fitting product which is part of the Rucika Hygienic System. With this product, you can very easily carry out a disposal inspection.

If at home you want to take a bath with hot or cold water, you can use Rucika Kelox products. With this product, you don’t have to worry about installing it.

How? interesting is not using various Rucika products for the purposes of the piping system in your home.

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