18 Juli 2019,


The Process Of Connecting Pipes With RUGlue Does Not Need To Be Rotated

The process of connecting PVC pipes and fittings using glue is a very popular connection method in Indonesia because PVC pipe glue is very easy to obtain in big cities in Indonesia. However, the selection of glue must be in accordance with the specifications and needs of the pipe installation because using the best glue will make the pipe installation durable, durable and leak-proof.

To get the best PVC pipe joint results, then use RUGlue which is a solvent cement with a special formula to make PVC pipe joints compound and become perfect adhesives. In addition to the use of glue that must be suitable, the method of connecting must also be considered, starting from making sure the pipes and fittings are clean from dust or dirt to the process of installing pipes to fittings. Often we underestimate this and tend to make a circular motion when connecting pipes to fittings, even though rotating pipes and fittings when connecting will cause the solvent cement coating on the surface of the pipe or fittings to be uneven, this will cause weakening in the strength of the pipe connection. Connecting pipes and fittings using the correct RUGlue solvent cement is enough to simply press it without making a circular motion. RUGlue with a special formula also has a function as a lubricant or lubricant that will facilitate us in connecting pipes and fittings

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