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The Right Steps of the Piping System Installation Process You Need to Know

What is the correct way to install a water pipe and can we make sure that there will be no leakage afterward? The water pipe is one of the most important components in a house or other building. Friends of Rucika certainly need a pipe to channel water from the source. That is, the pump goes to each plumbing unit in a particular house or building. Thus, the installation of water pipes cannot be done haphazardly.

Friends of Rucika need to know how to install the right water pipe and understand the piping system or what we usually call the plumbing system. The following are the stages of how to install a water pipe correctly and need to pay attention to the following:

1. Determine the water source used


Perhaps many do not pay much attention to the difference between well water and PAM which is the source of clean water for daily use. In fact, understanding the difference between well water and PAM can help Rucika’s friend in determining which source of clean water you will use in the future if you build your own house.

In fact, understanding the difference between well water and PAM is also an important thing that can influence decisions when choosing a location where you will build a building. Because, if Rucika’s friend chooses to use well water, for example, it is necessary to understand the quality of groundwater from the location of the prospective residence.

This is inseparable from the condition of well water which does not go through a filtering process when it is consumed. If the condition of the environmental water is quite polluted, then if Rucika’s friend insists on using well water, it will be harmful to health. That is why, for an environment that is already quite polluted such as factory waste, it is highly recommended to use PAM water.

2. Make the right installation design model


In installing a water pipe, Rucika’s friend needs to make a design model first by looking at the situation and environmental conditions along with the available budget. Do you want to use a closed system installation or an open system installation?

If you look at the flow of water, a closed installation system has more advantages. This is because the water flowing in this system tends to be even or the same at each tap. This is because the form of installation in a closed system is interconnected on all sides. That is, none of the pipes have ends in one section.

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Meanwhile, in open installations, there are several streams of water that have ends, or maybe not all pipes are connected to each other. This is what causes the water pressure on the faucet to be different from one another. Even more difficult, if a water channel is clogged then the flow in that channel will stop because there is no supply from other channels.

3. Determine the position of the pipe installation


There are two methods of installing pipes that are commonly used, namely the planting or pasting method. If you want to install the planting method, then the position for installing this pipe can be planted on the ground or wall. If we compare it with the pasting method, the pipe will be visible along the edge of the wall or the floor surface usually, the pipe that we attach uses brackets to glue it to the wall.

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4. Choose pipes with quality materials


Various types of water pipes can be found by Rucika’s friends easily in building materials stores today, such as Rucika JIS PVC pipe type VP and Rucika Standard type AW as pressurized clean water pipes with 14 size variants which of course you can choose according to your water pipe installation needs.

With a pipe connection system using solvent cement. With the solvent welding process, we can combine the pipes and fittings that we are connecting. Rucika has RUGlue, the best pipe glue as a solution for uPVC pipe connections with a low VOC content and also free from Toluene so it is safe for health.

By paying attention to several steps of the piping system installation process, it will be better and of higher quality to support the quality of life.

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