24 Juli 2019,


Use Rucika Standard AW and D Water Pipes as Needed

Rucika as a plastic piping manufacturer which has been present for more than 40 years in Indonesia has developed various types of plastic pipes that can be used for various applications. Starting from pressurized clean water pipes to pipes that are devoted to running water at high temperatures. However, many people in Indonesia do not yet know that Rucika has developed plastic pipe products that have been tailored to their needs. Therefore, this article will discuss the types and uses of Rucika pipes on a household scale.

In a previous article, we discussed the most popular pipe used by the people of Indonesia, which is PVC pipe . PVC pipe itself is an economical pipe with diverse functions so that many people in Indonesia use this pipe for various applications. But many people in Indonesia do not yet know that Rucika provides two classes of PVC pipes in Rucika Standard namely AW class and D class.

Errors in the choice of pipe class can have a negative impact on the lifetime of the pipe that will decrease and also have a negative impact on the financial side of the user of the pipe. For example, if you want to run clean pressurized water with a PVC pipe, AW class is the right choice because the PVC pipe Rucika Standard AW class can drain clean water up to 10 bar pressure. Whereas if the Rucika Standard Class AW PVC pipe is used for wastewater without pressure it will harm the user from the financial side because it uses a more expensive pipe for use that can be fulfilled by Rucika Standard Class D PVC pipe which is specifically designed for flowing wastewater without pressure that has Pipe walls are thinner and more economical. But on the contrary if you use PVC Rucika Standard D class pipe for pressurized water, the pipe will technically be much reduced in service life and the pipe will experience problems in the future.

From now on pay attention to the suitability of the pipe class that you will use at home, so that in the future you will not experience any losses from the choice of pipe type. Use Rucika Standard AW and D water pipes according to your needs!


pipa air rucika standard aw dan d

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