9 November 2021,


Why is Japan’s sewers clean?

Rucika’s friends would agree that Japan is a very clean country. The waters of the sewers in Japan are so clear that they can be used as a habitat for koi fish. Seeing this, maybe the sewers in Japan can be one of the cleanest sewers in the world.

Not only in Japan, but also in Indonesia, to be precise in Klaten. This clean water sewer is very similar to the one in Japan. This ditch can also be inhabited by hundreds of koi fish. Clean sewers like this can be created because the sewage system is really made very integrated. So no any waste at all no the contaminates the surrounding environment. Not only that, now clean water sewers in Klaten have become one of the tourist attractions when Friends of Rucika go to Klaten.

By the way, Sahabat Rucika wants to make the gutter in front of her house look like the two examples above, there are main steps that Sahabat Rucika can take. One ​​of the ways is by starting to pay attention to the use of disposed sewerage. This is an important point to make the water channel in front of your house not polluted with waste.

Rucika Access Fitting could be a solution for Friends of Rucika to create an integrated waste water channel. Because the Access Fitting uses a closed system so as to reduce the potential for waste water pollution to the environment.

What are you waiting for, start thinking carefully to create a clean and healthy environment with Rucika.

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