13 April 2020,


Why the Rucika Rainwater System?

Maybe most of the population Indonesia’s capital will not like this. Yes, the amount of water is too much a lot or flood.

The year 2020 begins with a surprise which is less pleasant for some Jakartans because of the abundance of water rain which cannot be accommodated by sewers, culverts, rivers or places other water reservoirs. Besides the classic garbage problem because of lack people care about the environment, sometimes we forget that the abundance of water which should have been infiltrated and absorbed by the soil, is currently lacking cared for and is very rare, especially in Jakarta with the amount large population and occupancy rates are always rising every year.

Aside from being the largest pipe producer in Indonesia, Rucika provides a total piping system solution by developing a flood prevention solution, it is even possible that it will be used as a flood prevention solution. This system is called the Rucika Rainwater System

Why should you use Rucika Rainwater System? Because this system is a recharge well system combined with piping technology and making rainwater flow this system is more modern and easy to apply even on the home page though.

With the ability to accommodate large rainwater and can be applied or installed under layers of soil with a wide surface such as a soccer field, parking lot, runway, house yard or maybe on the riverbank, so the words of river normalization and river naturalization are no longer need to be debated again, then the hope for a flood-free Jakarta is not impossible!


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