Where Water Flows Far

RUCIKA Syfonic Roof Drainage System

Minimal Maintenance & Economical Use of Pipes

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Mining and Plantation Piping System Solutions

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Where Water Flows Far

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Where Water Flows Far


Where Water Flows Far


From upstream to downstream, installed for continuous flow, connect the benefits and become part of the beautiful quality of life for more than 45 years


Prioritizing precision in our production process, guaranteeing the best results for your piping system needs.


Rucika consistently produces quality products at competitive prices.

Rucika Back Flow Valve

For customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing much more than just providing piping systems. Our experts are ready to provide explanations and training to help problems faced by consumers before and during installation in the field, this is a Total Piping System Solution from Rucika

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Rucika Institute :
Knowledge of Water and Plumbing

As a manifestation of our mission to become a Total Piping System Solution, Rucika Institute is here to provide educational services related to the piping system for customers, business partners, educational institutions and the community.

Total Solution for Various Needs

As a reliable piping system manufacturer, Rucika is here to provide all the piping system needs for every form of business you have. From high-rise building piping to residential houses, Rucika has various solutions for planning and installing water and non-water distribution systems.

Solutions for High-rise Buildings

A total solution for the piping system needs of high-rise buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, apartments, malls, hospitals, etc.

Industry Solution

Total piping system solutions for various industries such as manufacturing, mining, fisheries (tambak) require a piping system solution for water & non-water distribution such as for gas, electric cables, etc.

Public Infrastructure Solution

A total solution for the distribution needs of clean water and waste water in infrastructure both in the area and in urban areas.

Rucika supports the development of water resources infrastructure in Indonesia through a piping system with international quality technology, but still efficient and in accordance with the geographical conditions in Indonesia.

Residential Solution

The total solution for the piping system in housing or residential houses that continues to grow to this day which demands decent housing from simple housing to housing with complete facilities and facilities. In fulfilling this housing development project, clean water and waste water systems are of course very important.

Retail Solution

Plumbing installation planning must be considered from the start when building a residential house so that it is easy for subsequent installations.

Therefore, Rucika, provides a total solution for the piping system for residential homes through product distribution nationwide to more than 1000 building shops in Indonesia to meet the needs of consumers.

Public Utilities Solution

Total solution for the needs of non-water piping systems in various public facilities for infrastructure development of public facilities.

Piping systems for non-water needs such as gas lines for PLTG, PLTU or fiber optic cable protection such as telecom lines and also electricity needs in various places such as bus terminals, train stations, airports, sports stadiums, etc.

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