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Total Piping Solution

Your Reliable Total Piping Solution

PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika was founded in 1973 and is one of the largest PVC pipe manufacturers in Indonesia with the main brand Rucika which is part of the Djabesmen Co (DBC) company. Having production facilities spread across the archipelago with world-class modern technology, until now Rucika has become the pride of the Indonesian people.

With more than 45 years of experience in the piping industry, it has consistently produced various types of superior products made from PVC, PVC-O, PP-R, PP-RT and PE, such as Rucika Standard, Rucika Lite, Rucika Safe & Lok, Rucika JIS, Rucika Exoplas, Rucika Black, Rucika Kelen Green, Rucika PVC Connection and RUGlue PVC Pipe Glue. In addition, the adoption of technology that we carry out continuously also produces several innovative products such as Rucika Syfon Systems, and Rucika Hygienic System.

For customer satisfaction, we are committed to giving so much more than just supplying pipes. Our experts are ready to provide explanations and training to help problems faced by consumers before and during installation in the field. Our after-sales service can also always be relied on to receive complaints and help provide solutions to problems that arise after the pipes are installed.

Grow To Be A Pioneer

Experience has led Rucika to an achievement. Continuing to grow to grow bigger as a world-class leading manufacturing company in Indonesia, is a spirit that is applied in every journey.

As a brand market leader who continues to innovate for the sake of innovation in every development growth in Indonesia, until now, Rucika continues to work hard to reach all corners of the archipelago.

Actively collaborate with international companies, introduce and develop innovative technologies in Indonesia to provide the best benefits in the nation’s infrastructure development by providing efficient water management solutions. This is what becomes a value for our company to grow our vision and enlarge our mission.



Leading by example in an attitude of humility, sincerity and integrity to achieve optimal results.


Establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with business partners to build a trusted corporate image.


Always looking for ways to exceed existing standards with continuous improvement and innovation


Empowerment by building human resources, systems, and governance for business continuity.


Sensitive to market intuition that can anticipate and meet customer expectations.


To become the best plastic pipe system manufacturer in Indonesia that improves the quality of life of the community through effective water management.


Creating sustainable added value for stakeholders by:

  • Producing quality plastic pipe systems and solutions for customers through product and service excellence.
  • Build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with business partners.
  • Creating reliable organizational capabilities and highly dedicated human resources.
  • Implement good corporate governance and business ethics for business continuity.

Proven Quality

Quality that is always maintained to meet the needs of piping systems for all forms of business from residential houses, high-rise buildings to infrastructure is proven through various certifications obtained by Rucika such as IISO 9001: 2015, SNI, SMK3, Green Label Indonesia, Total Productive Maintenance, etc.