uPVC Pipe


Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika continues to provide the latest innovations in various piping system products. In collaboration with Kelit from Austria, RUCIKA KELOX is a multilayer pipe consisting of premium quality materials such as plastic (PE-RT), inner adhesive layer, aluminum, outer adhesive layer and outer protective layer specifically for pressurized hot and cold water.

Pipes that are easily bent and connected without the use of glue (push fittings), make this pipe installation faster and more economical. In addition, another advantage is that it is resistant to hot and cold temperatures ranging from 0°C – 80°C and has the smallest diameter of 16-25mm so it is very suitable for residential applications such as water heating installations, air conditioning installations and drinking water installations because it has food grade standard.

Rucika Kelox Multilayer ECO

Multilayer pipes are produced using an inline production process in one working step. Using PE-RT Type II material which has very good mechanical properties.

Rucika Kelox Multilayer ALU

KELOX Multilayer ALU combines the advantages of plastic (PE-RT) and metal (aluminum) materials

Rucika Kelox Fitting

Kelox Protec Is the latest and patented fitting specifically for KELOX pipes which is very easy and efficient to install. Just by chamfering the end of the pipe and pushing it into the fitting

Project Reference

Rucika telah menangani berbagai projek bangunan bertingkat. Berbagai konstruksi perpipaan yang sudah menggunakan produk-produk RUCIKA Kelox untuk kebutuhan sistem perpipaannya adalah: