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RUCIKA Kelen Green

RUCIKA KELEN GREEN is a hot and cold water pipe product used in a complete piping system for pressurized hot & cold water needs with a wide range of products. The material is Polypropylene Random (PP-R) type 3 or PP-R 80. Using a heat fusion connection system with a polyfusion or electrofusion heater, so that the results of the connection become homogeneous or compound so that it guarantees strength, anti-leakage, maintenance free & is designed to be used for up to 50 years. This system is designed for sanitary systems & pressure lines in: – Housing, industry, hospitals, hotels and apartments. – Compressed air system. – Drinking water and liquid food systems. – Agriculture (greenhouse & garden). – Transport systems for acids and aggressive fluids.

Rucika Kelen Green PN 10, PN 16 and PN 20

A complete piping system that can be used for pressurized hot and cold water. The material is made of Polypropylene Random (PP-R) type 3 / PP-R 80.

PN 10 (blue line) is applicable for pressurized chilled water

PN 16 (yellow line) can be applied for pressurized hot & cold water

PN 20 (red line) is applicable for pressurized hot water

Rucika Kelen Green Fitting

With a heat fusion connection system that uses a heating device, the resulting connection is a homogeneous or compound connection so that it is guaranteed strength, anti-leakage and maintenance free. All threaded connections from Rucika KELEN Green are made of nickel-plated brass OT 58, thus guaranteeing thread life from damage due to heat, rust and chemicals and can be applied to all sanitary systems, including connections to Rucika KELOX.

Project Reference

Rucika telah menangani berbagai projek bangunan bertingkat. Berbagai konstruksi perpipaan yang sudah menggunakan produk-produk RUCIKA Kelen Green untuk kebutuhan sistem perpipaannya adalah: