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Rucika Black

Rucika Black HDPE Spool Pipe is a series of HDPE pipes connected with stub ends and flanges on both sides, making it easy to remove and install.

This product is very suitable for use for piping system needs in mining, plantations and connections to plumbing units

For detailed information about the product, download the leaflet below!

RUCIKA BLACK is a trusted piping system using HDPE pipes which have special characteristics and are suitable for drinking water applications because they are made from Polyethylene (PE). The material has a high level of elasticity and a low level of cracking, so it has a life time of more than 50 years.

RUCIKA BLACK HDPE pipes are available in rod and coil form, making the transportation & installation process easier. The connection system can be Fusion Welded Joints (Butt Fusion & Electrofusion) and Mechanical Compression Joints. RUCIKA BLACK consists of PE-100, with a design stress of 8 MPa. Produced in outer diameter sizes ranging from 20 mm to 710 mm.

Mechanical Joint fittings are an alternative method for connecting HDPE pipes which are recommended for connections Ø20 mm – 63 mm. Made from Polyproylene (PP) material produced according to BS 5114:1975 (1981) (AMD. 2 – 1987) standards, suitable for use on HDPE pipes standard ISO 4427, ISO 161-1, BS EN 12201-1, DIN 8074.

With the push fit connection method, mechanical joint fittings are easy and fast to install. Apart from that, Rucika mechanical joint fittings have passed a series of test results according to BS 5114 standards and passed the non-toxicity test so they are safe to use for circulating drinking water.

Rucika Black has complete segmented fittings from diameter 63 mm – 630 mm. Using the butt fusion connection method which produces a homogeneous connection / compound that is guaranteed to be strong, leak-proof and maintenance free.

Project Reference

Rucika telah menangani berbagai projek bangunan bertingkat. Berbagai konstruksi perpipaan yang sudah menggunakan produk-produk Rucika Black untuk kebutuhan sistem perpipaannya adalah: