16 Oktober 2018,


Benefits of Water for Facial Skin Health

Besides being drinkable, water can also be used for various other needs, one of which is to maintain the beauty of the skin because it can naturally moisturize so that the face remains blushed and glowing. The following is an explanation of the benefits of water for health especially, for facial skin.

Maintaining skin moisture is not always by taking vitamins or drugs from a doctor, but it can also drink enough water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits that are enough to add nutrients to the facial skin. By consuming enough water, eating vegetables and fruits will not only nourish your facial skin but also can nourish your body.

People who consume enough water from those who do not consume enough water can be distinguished through their skin, especially on the face, because facial skin is what is usually first seen. People who consume a lot of water must have a fresh, smoother skin condition, so we must keep our facial skin moist by drinking enough water.

One of the things that must be considered in drinking water that is, by paying attention to the drains that are used, if there are no good pipes in the waterways it can cause danger to ourselves. Not healthy skin is obtained but can cause various diseases. Therefore, the drainage system chosen must be of the highest and clearest standard, not only water pipe but also fitting pipe and pipe glue. Rucika has been proven for decades in bringing water to all corners of Indonesia, both for clean water installations in high-rise housing or buildings. So, there is no need to hesitate in choosing a water channel system from Rucika because it has various types and sizes as a total piping system solution

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