15 Januari 2016,


Building a Water Pump Installation at Home? Check Out These Tips!

Installing water at home is one important factor that must be considered in a house or building. Making your own jetpump water pump installation is certainly cheaper compared to subscribing to PAM water. But for that, of course there are some things you should consider before choosing to build your own pump installation. Important things include:

  1. Make sure the smooth supply of ground water in your environment, both in the rainy season and in the dry season
  2. Make sure the quality of ground water in your neighborhood is clean, odorless or turbid
  3. Provide a place to put the container or tank. It does not have to use a tank, but to save electricity, a machine that is more durable and anticipates power failure, it is advisable to install a water tank at home

If the location of your home is located in a housing complex with limited land area, a car garage space near the fence can be a good choice for digging water sources. But if there is an open area behind the house, that would be a better choice. There are other things you also need to consider, including:

  1. The distance between the well and the water tank, the closer the distance, the better
  2. The distance between the well and the planned jetpump engine position, the closer the better
  3. There is flexibility to pull the water pipe out of the well even in an oblique position

Another thing to note in this case is the materials used, one of which is water pipes. Choose pipes with good quality and reliable. Rucika Standard is a PVC pipe for piping systems in and out of buildings. Made of uPVC material which has many advantages, including not rusty, strong, not easily broken, leak-proof, lightweight and easy to connect and maintain.

These are the tips that you can apply before installing a jetpump water pump in your home. May be useful.

Reference: bukuekspresiku.blogspot.co.id

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