3 Januari 2019,


Factors That Require You to Drink Water

Water not only covers most of the earth’s surface, but most of the water is also present in the human body, which is the main source of energy. For some people, the body’s water needs are sometimes underestimated by consuming more packaged drinks. Because mineral water is very essential for health if you consume correctly and according to your needs, it will avoid various disorders. To stay awake on the importance of consuming water every day, here are some factors that require you to drink water:

  1. Lots of Activities
    Every person has many activities every day. The number of activities will also release a lot of fluid in the body that will be wasted through sweat. Therefore you need to drink lots of water to restore the body fluids that come out. That way, you will be more focused and concentrated on various activities.
  2. Weather
    Why is the weather also a factor that makes us need water? Indonesia is a tropical country that has 2 seasons, namely the rainy and dry seasons. During the dry season, temperatures can reach 34 degrees Celsius in certain regions. The heat of the weather can make you sweat, in order to avoid dehydration, requiring you to drink lots of water. When the rainy season, cold weather makes you urinate a lot so that too much fluid in the body is wasted. Therefore water is very important to be consumed so that the body can continue to carry out activities and organize well in a variety of weather experienced.
  1. When Sick
    When sickness such as fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, the disease that many discharges from the body make us have to drink water to replace fluids that have come out because the water can help the body return to operating normally. But not all diseases need water, there are also diseases where we have to reduce drinking water such as heart failure, kidney, and liver disease.
  1. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women
    When women are pregnant and breastfeeding, that’s when women really need a lot of water to replace the fluid that comes out. Like nursing mothers, water will be reused to keep breast milk well organized.

In consuming drinking water for the body, of course,  water quality must also be considered. You can only consume bottled mineral water or gallons of which the quality is trusted. But if you often consume mineral water processed by yourself (household), then make sure the water is clean water which is free of dirt and through the best drains.

One of the best materials for waterways in households that have been present in Indonesia for more than 40 years, is the uPVC pipe Rucika JIS. This water pipe is very suitable for clean water and wastewater. With the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standard, this pipe is definitely a very reliable and appropriate application for housing to meet the water needs of your home.

Rucika JIS


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