10 Januari 2019,


How to Cope with Floods

Indonesia, which is a tropical country that has a dry and rainy season, is quite famous for the news that floods often occur every year when heavy rains hit, where river water evaporates because it is unable to accommodate the water anymore so that the water flows into the road to the residential areas.

If floods occur, often an organization is blamed because it is felt not right in overcoming or preventing flooding, but in fact, we can also be one of the causes of flooding by doing the bad habit of littering into gutters, rivers, and even on the road. Therefore, as a smart society, let’s try to overcome it. Here are the ways you can do to cope with floods:

  1. Make sure the gutters or rivers in the neighborhood are clean if there is still a lot of rubbish make a gathering for mutual cooperation to clean the gutters because it is for mutual comfort
  2. The amount of deforestation is also one reason, reforesting plants can help prevent flooding because it can help absorb water quickly.
  3. Avoid building houses around the river, because this can make the river land become narrow and make rubbish trash fall into the river.
  4. Stop littering, like going to the river/river, because it can cause the river to overflow.
  5. Making embankments in rivers to minimize overflowing water
  6. Making artificial wells to be able to suck water quickly especially in areas prone to flooding such as urban areas, this can be the solution

Artificial wells that function as water infiltration can now be done easily, especially to install them. In areas that are often affected by floods or lack of water during the dry season, the Rucika Rainwater System can be applied in home yards or other public places such as office buildings, parking lots, or even highways.

Rainwater System

Sistem Rucika Rainwater System is an innovative product from Rucika, a water absorption system with very easy installation. Rucika Rainwater System functions as an infiltration well because it is wrapped with permeable geotextile underground so that it can store water temporarily to be managed again. That way, according to Rucika’s commitment as piping system total solution, Rucika Rainwater System is a solution to meet the needs of rainwater management by applying the principle Reduce, Reuse dan Recycle.


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