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How to Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Life

Drinking enough water does not only provide hydration to your body, but has other functions, namely increasing energy and getting healthier skin. To balance with your various dense activities, this is a way to drink enough water to become a habit and a part of your daily life!

  1. Install Alarm:
    use your cellphone to remind you of the time to drink water all day. It is also useful for taking a break from the computer screen, standing for a moment and moving.

    Pasang Alaram
  2. Used Application:
    if the alarm can make you disturbed, use the application on your cell phone to monitor the extent to which you drink water all day. Some fitness applications usually have this feature

    Gunakan Aplikasi

  3. Increase drinking water bottles:
    in order to achieve the desired water requirements it might be more interesting if it’s in a funny / unique bottle and using it with a straw will make drinking more. Smart water bottles can also be your choice!

    Tingkatkan botol air minum
  4. Drinking water available: not only easy to carry, you can prepare drinking water in various locations where you often indulge, such as in cars, work desks, sports bags, etc.
  5. Add Natural Flavors: j
    If you are one of those who like drinks that have a certain taste, try adding mineral water with fresh fruit as infused water. Various drinking bottles are now devoted to infused water, making it easier for you to consume

    Tambahkan Rasa Natural

  6. Invite a friend:
    to challenge yourself, invite a friend to do the challenge of drinking 8 glasses a day for 30 days. Not only to make the spirit while doing it, but also will get used to doing it every day

    Ajak teman
  7. Paste Notes: sticky notes that can be found in various bookstores or stationery stores you can use and paste as a reminder to drink enough water. You can also include words that motivate us to encourage our actions.
    Tempel Catatan

Those are some tips so that your body’s water needs can be met. the water that you get from the tap at home or pack, of course, flows from a water pipe that comes from a spring to your hands. Rucika which has been running water for more than 40 years, has a complete range of pipeline systems in accordance with the needs both from upstream to downstream. Delivering water to all corners of the archipelago is one of the goals of PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika now and beyond.

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