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The Importance of Water for Health

Water is very important for human life, but sometimes we forget the importance of drinking water. Recent research reveals that what you drink is as important as what you eat for your health, even though most people don’t pay too much attention to the number of calories in drinks consumed. Drinking too many calories which is usually also found in bottled drinks can be at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain.

The average adult drinks 20 percent of calories which exceeds the recommended limit of 10-15 percent of total calories. That amount is around 200-250 calories every day for most women. Therefore, consuming water needs to be increased and more than drinking a drink given sweetener. Here are the reasons why you need to drink more water for health!

Reducing Sugar Intake

Change your habit of drinking soda with water. If you are accustomed to drinking soda every day, start changing it with water, this is the same as reducing 140 calories a day or 65 cups of sugar a year

Mengurangi Asupan Gula

Your Body Will Be Leaner

Some research shows “water diet” is effective for weight loss. People who drink more water and are low in calories will be healthier. Why is that, because drinking a lot not only reduces excess calories in the body but also makes you eat enough. There is one study that people who drink 16 ounces of water before eating, will lose weight by 2kg more or less for 12 weeks than people who do not drink water before eating. Make sure you drink water in your daily life to limit liquid calories.

Increase Stamina

Water is the highest performance enhancer. Actually, the drink concoction during sports that has the biggest effect is water – H2O which can help regulate your core body temperature and maintain blood volume. Without enough water, your muscles will fatigue, your heart rate will increase, and your movements will hurt. To get the most out of your exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising. (If you exercise for more than 90 minutes continuously, carbohydrates and electrolytes in sports drinks are recommended)

Meningkatkan Stamina

Your Overall Diet Will Increase

A recent study of more than 18,000 adults in America found that drinking more water not only reduces calories, but is also associated with lower intake of total fat, saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. Therefore, the connection with choosing healthy drinks and foods will affect your overall nutritional intake, so for those of you who are on a diet program, this is very important so that your diet is optimal.

Diet Anda Secara Keseluruhan akan Meningkat

Your Skin Will Look Healthier

Your skin is your largest organ consisting of 72 percent water. So, don’t be surprised if you often hear that hydration is important to keep skin healthy. Although drinking more water won’t remove wrinkles, being properly hydrated can improve the appearance of your skin. Even a little dehydration can make your skin look dry and dull, and will make wrinkles stand out more.

Risk of Diabetes and Reduced Heart Disease

Many studies have shown that sugary drinks can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In one study, women who drank more than one sugary drink had an 83 percent increased risk of type 2 diabetes compared to women who drank the least sweetener drinks. Other studies reveal an association between sugary drinks and hypertension, high triglycerides, and inflammation associated with heart disease. Now, are you ready to live healthier again?

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