16 Januari 2017,


Tips for Installation of Clean Water

Water installations used in residential construction have several sizes and types of pipe PVC depending on the needs. In general, for clean water installations, PVC pipe sizes of 1/2 “and 1” AW type are used.

Use AW Type PVC Pipe

PVC pipe 1 “AW type is used as a clean water main canal from a water tank or PAM that enters the house then is branched using a PVC pipe 1/2” to channel the position of the faucet and sanitary positions. But there are also those who use all channel installations water pipe clean with a diameter of 1/2 “, the difference is the strength of the water pressure coming out in each faucet.

Make a Plan and Count the Number of Bathrooms

It is recommended that the installation of clean water installations are made in accordance with the planned number of bathrooms to be built. To get a more even distribution of water, make at least 2 separate main canals, namely for the bathroom and service area.

Create Your Own Drain

For the convenience of using clean water, the main bathroom should be made a separate channel without any branches with other drains, so that when the main bathroom is used and other bathrooms turn on the faucet, the distribution of clean water to the main bathroom water pressure is not reduced.

For piped water and sewage systems you are advised to choose Rucika Standard. Made from uPVC which has many advantages compared to other polymer materials, Rucika Standard pipes are resistant to corrosion, strong, lightweight, easy to connect, and maintain.

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