20 Desember 2019,


Why Floods in Japan are Clear, This is the Reason!

Floods or high puddles that just happened in Jakarta, remind us of the floods that hit Japan last October. Yes, Typhoon Hagibis, which hit Japan, affected flooding in several locations, such as Tokyo, Shizouka and Chiba, which became viral due to the clear and clean water color.

Why flood water can be clean and clear? Surely cleanliness. There are two main concerns in hygiene in Japan, namely:

1. Clean from Trash

Discipline has become a culture of society in Japan, even has become their own pride and self-esteem. Discipline in disposing of garbage and cleaning the environment is common at an early stage by instilling a paradigm if a dirty environment will become a source of disease. This habit was seen some time ago during the world cup where Japanese supporters cleaned up food and beverage packaging trash that was not their trash. That way, do not be surprised if there is flooding in Japan, there is no garbage that pooled and ruined the view.

2. Clean Wastewater Drains

In addition to being clean of rubbish which is also considered by the government so as not to float in the river flow and does not hamper the flow of water when floods come, the drainage system is also arranged so that when excess rain water discharge does not disturb the drainage system that contains dirty water or sewage.

In Japan, the sewer system is of extreme concern by using access fitting that are installed at least every few meters both indoors and outdoors, which serves to facilitate maintenance in the event of a blockage in the drainage system.

In collaboration with one of the best companies in Japan, Rucika Hygienic Systems Products are already available in Indonesia and are starting to be installed in several housing estates in Jakarta and surrounding areas. This environmentally friendly product has 2 choices of airtight duct cover that can be adjusted to the installation location, namely access cap and grill cap.

Now seeing from the habits of citizens in this Japanese city, we can apply and apply ourselves to pay more attention to environmental cleanliness by maintaining cleanliness, taking out the trash in its place and using water drain products that are also environmentally friendly such as Rucika Access Fitting.

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