uPVC Pipe


RUCIKA GAS is a reliable piping system with special characteristics and is suitable for home connection applications and the main pipe distribution network for Natural Gas, LPG & Biogas because it is made of Medium Density Polyethylene (PE 80) and High Density Polyethylene (PE 100). Rigorous testing & quality control throughout the production process under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system ensures that RUCIKA GAS is a very reliable and effective pipe for gas distribution network systems.

The PE pipe material used is:

– PE 80 (SDR 11) with a maximum gas pressure of 4 bar at 20°C

– PE 100 (SDR 17.6) with a maximum gas pressure of 6 bar at 20°C

Project Reference

Rucika telah menangani berbagai projek bangunan bertingkat. Berbagai konstruksi perpipaan yang sudah menggunakan produk-produk RUCIKA Gas untuk kebutuhan sistem perpipaannya adalah: