uPVC Pipe

Rucika Hygienic System Transparent Fitting

Rucika collaborated with Maezawa from Japan to fulfill the need for a perfect connection, by presenting Transparent Fitting which is a development of the Rucika Hygienic System product with transparent materials to facilitate the inspection process during pipe installation and proper connection up to the stopper limit.

Transparent Fittings are available in several variants, such as Elbow 90° (AW), Tee (AW), Elbow 45° (AW) and Large Radius Tee (AW) which are very appropriate for:

  • Installation of clean water and waste water piping
  • Installation of ventilation pipes
  • Piping installation demonstration educational facilities
  • Piping system for hydroponics
  • Pipe installation from an aesthetic point of view


Project Reference

Rucika telah menangani berbagai projek bangunan bertingkat. Berbagai konstruksi perpipaan yang sudah menggunakan produk-produk Rucika Hygienic System Transparent Fitting untuk kebutuhan sistem perpipaannya adalah: