24 September 2019,


Taman Ria Mall and Paradise Walk Mall Use Silent Pipe, PP-R and Rucika Standard

The mall is still potential. This is the opinion of the developers of the multi-storey building sector, especially shopping. The mall is now not only a place to shop, but also as a community destination for entertainment, eating and drinking as well as hanging out with friends. The lifestyle of modern people who also like to watch movies will certainly go to a mall that provides cinemas with the latest films. The mall is still needed by not only the main millennial visitors, but also families. Adequate supporting facilities can be the attention of visitors. As parking facilities and clean and comfortable toilets are good for children, adults and the elderly.

Taman Ria Mall
Taman Ria Mall

The main comfort of a toilet that must be considered is the water channel, either clean water or waste water. Water pipe installation needs to be planned as well as possible so that problems do not occur in the future that can result in leakage or damage so that it requires high costs for repairs. Taman Ria Senayan Mall, which is still under construction, chose Rucika for the installation of silencers with Rucika Silent Pipe and pressurized hot water channels with Rucika Kelen Green. While the Paradise Walk Mall in Serpong also uses Rucika Kelen Green for hot and cold pressurized water channels and Rucika Standard for clean water and sewage. This is a total piping system solution from Rucika that provides a variety of products for high rise buildings in Indonesia!

Paradise Walk

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