13 Januari 2021,


Requirements for Proper Clean Water Installation

Clean water very much needed by living things. To distribute clean water, there are a number of requirements that must be met to ensure the quality and hygiene of water, that is:

  1. Optimal technicality (easy to reach, safe, and in accordance with SNI 8153: 2015)
  2. The quantity is sufficient to meet the needs
  3. Hygienic (colorless, odorless, tasteless)
  4. Economical, all installations must consider economic factors so that waste does not occur.

Clean Water Installation Needs Quality Water Pipe Products

The provision of clean water for the community also requires quality water pipe products that are light, fast installation, and easy to apply, but from the cost side, it is still efficient so that it does not burden the budget. In order to fulfill these four requirements, for those of you who manage clean water distribution, you should use the highest quality pipes like Rucika Exoplas.

Why Use Rucika Exoplas for Clean Water Installation?

Why do you have to use Rucika Exoplas? This is because PVC-O (Polyvinyl Chloride Oriented) pipe is currently the only pipe in Indonesia that is produced with biaxial-oriented technology. This technology increases the strength of the pipe while making it lighter in weight, compared to the ordinary PVC pipe. The lightness of the pipe makes installation costs more efficient because the installation does not require welding tools or heavy equipment. The flexible nature of the pipe can save on bending requirements.

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Rucika Exoplas pipes do not use cadmium and mercury in a mixture of additives so they are not harmful to health. Rucika Exoplas is the development of uPVC pipe products that are processed by the biaxial method for pressurized clean water applications according to the SNI ISO 16422: 2014 standard and has received a Green Label Indonesia Level GOLD certificate for environmentally friendly products.

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