This Smart Drinking Water Bottle Reminds You to Stay Hydrated

Botol Air Minum Pintar ini Mengingatkan Anda Tetap Terhidrasi

The theory that the body remains hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day cannot always be fulfilled given the number of very dense activities both at work or when socializing with relatives. Of course this is not a reason especially in modern times like today, because as much as 70% water

How to Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Life

How to Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Life

Drinking enough water does not only provide hydration to your body, but has other functions, namely increasing energy and getting healthier skin. To balance with your various dense activities, this is a way to drink enough water to become a habit and a part of your daily life! Install Alarm: use your cellphone to remind

The Latest Kelox Products From Rucika

If you already know the Rucika Kelen Green PP-R pipe which is specialized for hot and cold pressurized water, according to its commitment as a Total Piping System Solution, PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika did not stop to continue to provide the latest innovations in various piping system products. In collaboration with Ke Kelit from

Rucika Won the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2019 Again

Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2019

Being a brand that is easily searchable and found digitally both in search engines or in various social media, is one of the activities that is always done by Rucika as a total piping system solution in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that this year’s Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award was again won by

Visit the RUCIKA Booth at Indobuildtech 2019

rucika indobuildtech 2019

Rucika is back at the 2019 Indobuildtech Expo from March 20-24, 2019 at ICE BSD City, Tangerang from 10:00 to 21:00 WIB, Hall 10, 10-Y-2! The Rucika Team will be happy to serve and answer your questions!

Royal Prima Hospital Using Rucika Kelen Green

Royal Prima Hospital

Clean water is very necessary for everyday human life, therefore, planning in the installation and installation of waterways must be carefully considered. Especially if clean water is needed for the needs of the hospital, where this treatment certainly requires clean water to support various medical activities such as medication, laboratories, examinations and even needed for

Modern Healthy Lifestyle

Gaya Hidup Sehat yang Modern

As the development of more modern times, it will certainly make a lifestyle change. Environmental demands are one of the reasons a person can change his daily life and follow him. This way of thinking can determine whether a modern lifestyle can be a positive or negative thing. At present, the trend of healthy living

Apartment Development in Large Cities

Apartemen Citra Tower Jakarta PP-R

Having a residence in a big city like Jakarta or other cities is everyone’s dream because of its strategic location and has a variety of adequate facilities. The booming population growth is also the reason for the difficulty of having a place to live such as housing in big cities Although the house is still

How to Cope with Floods

Rainwater System

Indonesia, which is a tropical country that has a dry and rainy season, is quite famous for the news that floods often occur every year when heavy rains hit, where river water evaporates because it is unable to accommodate the water anymore so that the water flows into the road to the residential areas. If

Factors That Require You to Drink Water

Factors That Require You to Drink Water

Water not only covers most of the earth’s surface, but most of the water is also present in the human body, which is the main source of energy. For some people, the body’s water needs are sometimes underestimated by consuming more packaged drinks. Because mineral water is very essential for health if you consume correctly and